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Modular Glass Partition Panels and Walls

Glazed partitions turn out to be the optimal choice when light and visibility in the working environment are the leading needs.

The press-formed AISI 304 stainless steel shiny finish profiles guarantee high resistance of the frame to impacts and cleaning products. Moreover, the profile designs makes cleaning operations easier.

Double-sided tape and silicon mastic firmly anchor the 10/11 Visarm safety glass to the frame while the structure of the partition allows simple glass removal operations in case it is damaged.

Stainless steel spire on top of the partition reduce possible the horizontal surfaces avoiding any interstice where dust or dirt might accumulate.

The glazed partition is available in standard dimensions, thickness 63mm, but can be manufactured according to Client’s required dimensions.

Also PMV glazed partition use the patented fixing system with the CH 60 locking keys which allows the removal of a single panel without affecting the others, by simply removing the silicon between the junctions and then sliding the locking key along the groove.

Installation and maintenance times will thus noticeably be shortened.