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Clean room stainless steel panels

The nobility and quality of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, thickness 10/10, allow the use of this kind of panels where very high environmental standards are required.

The PMI panel is the ideal solution for critical processing areas where production must be carried out with no microbiological or particulate contamination to product.

The metal sheets are mounted on an extruded aluminium internal frame. The total thickness of the panel is 60 mm and the core infill can be polystyrene (PMI-H), aluminium honeycomb (PMI-H) or rockwool (PMI-R).

The panel is available in the standard dimensions 3076x1226x60 mm or can be produced according to the Client’s requirements.

The panel is designed to host preparations for electrical conduits or boxes for electrical devices, aeration grills and vision panels.

The whole of the panel components give an exceptional mechanical resistance, total monolithicity of the module and significant thermo acoustic insulation.

The patented fixing system with the CH 60 locking keys allows the removal of a single panel without affecting the others, by simply removing the silicon between the junctions and then sliding the locking key along the groove. Installation and maintenance times will thus noticeably be shortened.

Technical Specifications


Metallic Modular Partition




Stainless steel 304L 1.4301, 10/10 thick, EN ISO 3651-2 A

Core Infill

Aluminium honeycomb alloy 3003, Ø 19 – 58 mm thick, FTP Code: IMO MSC 61(67), IMO A.799(19), Polystyrene, Euroclass E – UNI EN 13163, Rock wool, Euroclass A1

Standard Dimensions

List of dimensions for PMI :

  • 3076x1226x60mm

Internal Frame

  • Aluminium alloy 60606060 tubular frame UNI 573-3:2005

Reaction to fire

A2-s1,d0 in accordance with clause 10 of standard EN 13501-1:2007

Environmental Class

Check the environmental class for this product

Vision panel system

  • double 6/7 safety glass with internal spacer in shiny AISI 304 stainless steel flush vision panel
  • standard dimensions 100x900x63mm. Safety glass 6/7 SGG ®Stadip – UNI EN ISO 12534 UNI EN ISO 14449


List of Accessories for PMI :

  • signal light housing
  • conduit for electric feeder lines inside the panels
  • series 503 container or reserve box
  • interlocked socket
  • aeration grills
  • PHILIPS interphone housing
  • badge reader housing
  • fire button and lights housing
  • stainless steel container for IBLE clock
  • stainless steel container for ESA operator terminal housing