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Hpl bilaminate clean room doors

The door DMM is constructed with HPL bilaminate, thickness 4 mm, and thanks to its low particle release, its resistance to impacts and its durability it finds a wide range of applications beside the clean areas.

As the PMM door panel does not need any covering it is a good solution to keep time and costs of installation to a minimum.

The HPL boards are mounted on an extruded aluminium interior perimeter frame. The total thickness of the panel is 45 mm and the core infill can be polystyrene (DMM-P), aluminium honeycomb (DMM-H) or rockwool (DMM-R).

The DMM door is also available in sliding (DMM-S) and hermetically sealed sliding options (airtight seals on four sides) (DMI-SE). The DMM door is also available in sliding (DMI-S) and hermetically sealed sliding options (DMI-SE) as above.

Door panels can be equipped with Visarm 6/7 safety glass with internal spacer in shiny stainless steel to form a flush vision panel.

Aluminium or stainless steel knob set, door closers, panic ironmongery and all necessary preparation to facilitate electric locks and sensors for interlock systems are among other accessories that can be provided.

OC srl DMM HPL doors are A+ classified products according to ISO 16000 (VOC)

The complete range of doors & components give an exceptional mechanical resistance, total monolithicity of the module and significant thermal and acoustic insulation.

The exclusive design guarantees rounded corners and fully flush surfaces at all joints avoiding any void where dust or dirt might accumulate.

Tecnical Specifications


Cleanroom Doors


Cleanroom doors DMM


HPL bilaminate–thickness 4mm

Skin Specification

Reaction to fire class F1 approved, self-supporting properties, excellent performance to fire, smoke and gases, environmentally friendly, mechanically sturdy, high resistance to water and steam, easy to clean, excellent hygienic properties, wide range of colors and designs, dimensional stability and flatness, anti-static, high resistance t chemicals and organic solvents, suitable for contact with food-stuff

Core Infill

Aluminium honeycomb alloy 3003, Ø 19 – 58 mm thick, FTP Code: IMO MSC 61(67), IMO A.799(19) Polystyrene, Euroclass E – UNI EN 13163 Rock wool, Euroclass A1

Standard Dimensions

List of dimensions for Cleanroom doors DMM :

  • hinged: 800x2200mm
  • 900x2200mm
  • 900+300x2200mm
  • 800+800x2200mm
  • sliding: 1400x2200mm
  • 1600x2200mm
  • 750+750x2200mm
  • 800+800x2200mm
  • 900+900x2200mm

Internal Frame

  • Aluminium alloy 6060 tubular frame
  • UNI 573-3:2005

Reaction to fire

B-s1, d0 in accordance with clause 10 of standard EN 13501-1:2007

Environmental Class

Check the environmental class for this product

Vision panel system

  • Visarm 6/7 safety glass with internal spacer in shiny SS flush vision panel.

Dimensions 500x800mm for hinged doors and 800x800mm for sliding doors.

Safety glass 6/7 SGG ®Stadip – UNI EN ISO 12534

  • UNI EN ISO 14449


List of Accessories for Cleanroom doors DMM :

  • door closer
  • door closer stainless steel covering aluminium knob OC Mod. stainless steel knob OC Mod.
  • push knob without/with single/double lock
  • sliding bar for semi-fixed panel
  • Anti-panic handle
  • electromagnet and/or electric lock and sensor for interlocked door
  • stainless steel kick plate
  • air-stop
  • hinged and sliding doors automation with airtight seal on the four sides
  • hinge in extruded aluminium
  • rotating pivot in rectified stainless-steel Ø12mm
  • equipped of anti-theft device
  • rotating eccentric bush and adjusting in Delrin