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The LAF room is designed for the inspection and handling of hazardous substances from the production process allowing the user to carry out all necessary controls and/or operation in total atmospheric isolation avoiding any form of contamination from the utilized substances.

The isolator room is made of PMZ-P series modular partition walls covered with a PVC layer and fitted with dry box gloves, vision panels and process & electrical utilities.

A hermetic door made of AISI 316L stainless steels fitted with electronic controlled unit locking system, dry box gloves and vision panel allows access to the room.

The ceiling is made of stainless steel press-formed profiles fitted for the installation of HEPA filters.

The LAF room floor is made of a totally welded AISI 316L stainless steel sump tray and with radiused corners to guarantee flush surfaces between floor/walls joints and easy cleaning operations.

The LAF room has been designed and manufactured on the basis of the Client User Requirements (URS).

New Isolator rooms can be realised with bespoke configurations and finishing upon specific project needs.