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On March 4, 2014, it will be held in Milan at the Humanitas Centro Congressi the Clean room and classified environments convention (Clean Room 2014). It will be an opportunity to explore the issues related to the development of standards-compliant and virtuous behavior in contamination controlled environments.
The two thematic sessions “Pharmaceutical and Biomedical” and “Hospitals” respectively will face the issues of system design, the use of isolators, the disinfection programs and the implementation of the Media Fill on one side and the validation of PMTA, of risk analysis applied to medicinal products for Advanced Therapies, conduction of tests in the operating theaters and the design of a Chemotherapy and Antineoplastic Handling Unit system in hospital pharmacies.

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CleanZone, the fairy trade and congress dedicated exclusively to the cleanroom industry and technology, announced its second edition.

On 22 and 23 October 2013, visitors will once again have the opportunity to discover what is new in the world of technology for the cleanroom.

Due to the success of its first edition, which took place last year, CleanZone has become an unmissable meeting place for professionals in our industry.

The event is open to all companies and industries where production is carried out in clean room conditions now or in the near future.

We are glad to inform all our clients and suppliers that since last week the new e-mail address has been activated.

We kindly ask all our vendors to use from now on this address to send their bills and invoices.

From next March 26 and up to 28 of the same month, the ContaminExpo and ContaminExpert Congress organized by Aspec will take place in Paris.

ContaminExpert ContaminExpo Congress 2013

These events will bring together all those involved in the contamination control in cleanrooms, controlled environments and containment areas.

The Congress will focus on five current issues:

  1. energy efficiency;
  2. biocontamination control;
  3. cleanroom metrology;
  4. regulatory aspects centred on the ISO 14644 and 14698 standards;
  5. scientific developments regarding aerosols and contaminants.

ibmc logoIBMC Ltd becomes the official representative and authorized installer of the products OC srl in the UK.

IBMC Ltd warrants in partnership with OC srl consulting and post-sale in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

ISODRY OC V-3 glove box is designed for the inspection and handling of hazardous substances from the production process to include manual filling of vials etc. The isolator allows for working under a negative pressure environment as a standalone operation.

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The Isolation glove box can also be connected with other specialist machines (e.g. Lyo) as long as this operation is carried out as per manufacturer’s instructions. The add on chamber volume is not to exceed 0.3 m3.

The machine allows the user to carry out all necessary controls and/or operation in total atmospheric isolation, before entering into the given working environment.

Find more about this new product in our Bespoke Solutions and Accessories category.

As stated in the “Décret n° 2011-321″ published on March 25th, 2011, construction products, decoration and furnishing products to be traded in France are to be labeled  with an emissions classification. VOC emissions tests which are based on ISO 16000 and calculated for European reference room.

The label on the products includes a letter indicating the highest (worst) emissions class of the listed individual substances and the TVOC. A+ will thus represents the lowest emission class.

OC srl PMZ-H modular partition walls, DMI stainless steel doors, DMM HPL doors and vision panel systems are A+ classified products.

OC srl attention to sector regulation, research & development has been confirmed providing its Clients with eco-friendly products and contributing to working environment quality improvement.